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We wouldn’t blame you if finding a gift for the artist in your life seems like a tall order. Artists are known for having very good and particular taste, which usually requires a bit more thought than shopping for your more earth bound friends and relatives And if you want to buy an artist a gift they will actually use, you’ll probably have to be pretty familiar with their practice to know what supplies to get, but we’ve got some handy suggestions here.
It’s a good idea to find out exactly what the sketcher in your life is up to because there’s several different sub species of these shy and retiring critters.
Firstly there’s Urban Sketchers, sometimes they hang around in small groups and they place great value on certain pens and certain notebooks, we’ve used an ‘urban sketcher’ tag which will help you work out exactly what they’re into.
A quieter, usually more solitary sketcher is the traditionalist and yes we have them covered too…. check the ‘sketching’ tab.
The third sub species have been known to exhibit slightly more challenging behaviour, but they are known to respond well to rewards. These are the Manga Artists, they often have hair that covers their eyes, but they can still see well enough to sketch. The Manga Artist in your life will respond well to special Japanese Manga Pens, and yes, we tagged Manga items for you.
But Remember, if the Artist in Your Life leaves you utterly confused, we have solved this problem for you with our Gift Certificates!