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Luxury Professional Artists’ Acrylic, Putting All The Colours Of Nature Right At Your Fingertips!

Charvin of Paris has long been recognised as one of the premiere paint manufacturers of Europe, having supplied artists with high quality oil colours and mediums since the era of the Impressionists. More recently, professional artists have been evolving along with technology, and the ease an accessibility of acrylic artist paint has come into higher demand. Bruno Charvin, the company’s owner and master colour maker, was determined to provide artists with an innovative acrylic colour that was nothing short of the best. After years of research, experimentation, and testing, Charvin Extra-Fine Acrylics was officially born.

Just like their acclaimed Charvin Oils, Charvin’s Extra-Fine Acrylics use only the finest traditional and modern pigments. Triple-milled on a Swill Bueller mill to an extreme degree of fineness, pigments are then blended with the highest quality acrylic polymer binder. The Result? A highly concentrated colour in a luxurious, creamy consistency, with a versatility that lends itself well to everything from glazing to impasto.

You can check on the CHARVIN EXTRA FINE ACRYLICS 60ML. For more series check on the list of items below.


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Absinthe Green, Series 2, Alexander's Blue, Series 2, Alizarin Crimson, Series 3, Anise, Series 2, Ash Blue, Series 2, Ash Violet, Series 2, Azure Blue, Series 2, Blue Shadow, Series 2, Bright Golden Yellow, Series 3, Bright Magenta, Series 3, Bright Orange Golden, Series 3, Brown Madder, Series 3, Burgundy, Series 3, Burnt Sienna, Series 1, Burnt Umber, Series 1, Cadmium Orange, Series 4, Cadmium Red Deep Gen, Series 3, Cadmium Red Light Gen, Series 4, Cadmium Red Medium Gen, Series 4, Cadmium Yellow Deep Gen, Series 4, Cadmium Yellow Deep Hue, Series 2, Cadmium Yellow Lemon Gen, Series 4, Cadmium Yellow Light Gen, Series 4, Carbon Black, Series 1, Cardinal Red, Series 3, Caribbean Pink, Series 2, Cerulean Genuine, Series 4, Chartreuse, Series 2, Charvin Warm Grey, Series 2, Chromium Oxide Green, Series 2, Cobalt Blue Gen, Series 4, Cobalt Blue Hue, Series 2, Cobalt Turquoise Light, Series 4, Cobalt Turquoise, Series 4, Davy's Grey, Series 2, Diamond Orange, Series 3, Doxazine Violet Light, Series 3, Eva's Pink, Series 2, Fallow, Series 2, Flesh Ochre, Series 2, French Blue, Series 2, French Primary Yellow, Series 2, Golden Yellow Acrylic, Series 3, Green Gold, Series 2, Green Of Menton, Series 2, Green Of Nice, Series 2, Green Of Provence, Series 2, Grenade Red, Series 3, Hansa Yellow Medium, Series 2, Hooker's Green, Series 2, Indigo, Series 2, Intense Black, Series 1, Intense Pink, Series 3, Julia Pink, Series 2, Khaki, Series 2, Lemon Yellow, Series 3, Light Vermillion, Series 3, Linen Flower, Series 2, Magenta Red Primary, Series 3, Marine Blue, Series 2, Mars Black, Series 1, Meadow Green, Series 2, Medium Bright Green, Series 2, Medium Violet, Series 3, Naphtol Red Light, Series 3, Naples Yellow Deep, Series 2, Naples Yellow, Series 2, Neutral 5 Grey, Series 2, Ocean Blue, Series 2, Olive Green, Series 2, Oriental Red, Series 3, Payne's Grey, Series 2, Permanent Brown, Series 3, Permanent Red Violet, Series 3, Phthalo Blue Green Shade, Series 2, Phthalo Blue Red Shade, Series 2, Phthalo Green Blue, Series 3, Phthalo Viridian, Series 3, Primary Cyanine, Series 2, Provence Blue, Series 2, Prussian Blue, Series 2, Purple, Series 3, Quinacridone Magenta, Series 3, Raw Sienna, Series 1, Raw Umber, Series 1, Red Ochre, Series 1, Royal Blue Light, Series 2, Saffron, Series 2, Sap Green, Series 2, Savana, Series 2, Sepia, Series 1, Sky Grey, Series 2, St Remy Yellow, Series 2, Tanned, Series 2, Titanium White, Series 1, Tropical Green, Series 2, Turquoise Blue, Series 3, Ultramarine Blue Deep, Series 2, Ultramarine Blue, Series 2, Ultramarine Violet, Series 3, Unbleached Titanium, Series 2, Van Dyck Brown, Series 1, Vermilion Red Light, Series 3, Vivid Bright Green, Series 2, Warm Grey, Series 2, Yellow Ochre, Series 1