CHARVIN FINE OIL 150ML – Fine Oil, 150ml


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Charvin fine oils represent an excellent compromise between a quality oil and a good price-quality ratio. It should be noted that the difference between the Charvin ranges of fine and extra-fine oils is the grinding time – extra-fine oil is ground for twice as long as fine oil, while the process is adapted to suit each pigment. Each formula is adapted to suit the properties of each pigment, thus allowing you to use a wide range of textures: some creamy and opaque, others transparent and drier. The Fine Oil range is perfect for this painters who want great paint at a perfect price and use lots of it.

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Alizarin Crimson, Amethyst Parma, Anise, Ash Blue, Ash Green, Ash Rose, Assinthe Green, Aubere Pink, Bamboo Green, Blue Shade, Bluish Parma, Bright Linen, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Caraibes, Carmine, Carmine Lake, Cassel Earth, Celadon Green, Celadon Green Light, Cerulean Blue Hue, Charron Blue, Chartreuse Green Deep, Charvin Warm Grey, Chromium Oxide Green, Cinnaber Green, Coral, Cyan Phthalo, Cyclamen, Deep Celadon Green, Deep French Yellow, Deep Opaline Green, Deep Rosace, Deep Shell, Deep Turquoise Blue, Deep Ultramarine Blue, Deep Violet, Deep Water Green, Diamond Orange, Emerald Green, Eva Pink, Extra Light Cinnaber Green, Flesh, Flesh Ochre, French Blue, French Blue Violet, French Deep Red, French Primary Yellow, French Yellow Orange, Golden Naples Yellow, Golden Ochre, Green Earth, Green Grey Deep, Greyshade, Imperial Green, Incarnat, Indian Orange, Indian Oxide Yellow, Indian Red Ochre, Indian Yellow Deep, Indigo, Intense Blue, Intense Pink, Intense Turquoise, Intense Violet, Intense Viridian, Ivory Black, Lagoon Blue, Leaded Sky, Lemon Intense Yellow, Light Caraibes, Light Cinnaber Green, Light Cobalt Blue, Light Cobalt Violet, Light Cyclamen, Light French Red, Light Golden Ochre, Light Incarnat, Light Linen, Light Linen Flower, Light Portrait Pink, Light Saint Remy Green, Light Shell, Light Veridian, Light Yellow Ochre, Lilac, Linen Flower, Linen Grey, Manganese Blue Hue, Mars Black, Meadow Green, Medium Azurin Blue, Medium French Yellow, Mummy Brown, Naphtol Red Deep, Naples Yellow, Nattier Blue, Old Naples Yellow, Olive Green, Opaline Grey, Paynes Grey, Peacock Green, Permanent Green Light, Phthalo Viridian, Pink Coral, Pink Shade, Portrait Pink, Pouzzoles Red, Provence Blue, Prussian Blue, Purple Madder Lake, Raw Sienna, Raw Umber, Red Cobalt Blue Hue, Red Naples Yellow, Red Ochre, Reddish Linen Blue, Rosace, Rose Julia, Royal Blue, Rubine Lake, Ruby Red, Saint Remy Blue, Saint Remy Yellow, Sap Green, Savana, Sepia, Sky Blue, Sky Grey, Tanned, Titanium White, Transparent Orange Ochre, Transparent Yellow Ochre, Tropical Green, Ultramarine Blue, Ultramarine Blue Light, Vairon Pink, Van Dyck Brown, Venitian Red, Vulcano Grey, Water Green, Yellow Ochre, Zinc White