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GUM ARABIC NO. 1, 0.05 kg


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Weight: 0.05 kg

from L.Cornelissen & Son.

Gum Arabic is used as a binder in watercolours and some tempera mediums. It can also be used as a strong adhesive and a size.

Gum Arabic, also known as Arabic Gum, Gum Acacia, Acacia, Senegal Gum and Indian Gum, and by other names, is a natural gum consisting of the hardened sap of various species of the acacia tree. Gum Arabic is collected from acacia species, predominantly Acacia Senegal and Vachellia (Acacia) Seyal. The gum is harvested commercially from wild trees, mostly in Sudan (80%) and throughout the Sahel, from Senegal to Somalia—though it is historically cultivated in Arabia and West Asia.




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Weight 0.05 kg