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Copic Ciao Double Ended Markers are the perfect choice for beginning artists who want to try markers for the first time. The Ciao’s solid polypropylene barrel is round, smooth, and smaller than the Copic Sketch Marker’s barrel, making it ideal for younger artists. The cap features an inner seal as well as choke-proof venting.

Ciao Markers feature two durable polyester nibs Ã¢Â€Â” Super Brush on one end and Medium Broad on the other end. The markers are low-odour, blendable, and great for use on paper, leather, wood, fabric, plastics, faux fur, and more. They’re available in 144 colors and carefully selected sets.

Conforms to ASTM D-4236.

Caution – Follow safety instructions carefully. Not suitable for use by children age 12 and younger. Shipping restrictions apply to hazardous materials.

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0-Colorless Blender, 100-Black, B00-Frost Blue, B000-Pale Porcelain Blue, B02-Robin's Egg Blue, B05-Process Blue, B12-Ice Blue, B18-Lapis Lazuli, B23-Phthalo Blue, B24-Sky, B28-Royal Blue, B29-Ultramarine, B32-Pale Blue, B39-Prussian Blue, B45-Smoky Blue, B60-Pale Blue Gray, B63-Light Hydrangea, B93-Light Crockery Blue, B95-Light Grayish Cobalt, B97-Night Blue, B99-Agate, BG000-Pale Aqua, BG01-Aqua Blue, BG05-Holiday Blue, BG09-Blue Green, BG10-Cool Shadow, BG13-Mint Green, BG15-Aqua, BG23-Coral Sea, BG34-Horizon Green, BG49-Duck Blue, BG72-Ice Ocean, BG93-Green Gray, BG96-Bush, BV00-Mauve Shadow, BV000-Iridescent Mauve, BV02-Prune, BV04-Blue Berry, BV08-Blue Violet, BV13-Hydrangea Blue, BV17-Deep Reddish Blue, BV23-Grayish Lavender, BV25-Grayish Violet, BV29-Slate, BV31-Pale Lavender, C0-Cool Gray No.0, C1-Cool Grey No.1, C2-Cool Gray No.2, C3-Cool Grey No.3, C5-Cool Grey No.5, Cool Grey No. 7, Cotton Pearl, E000-Pale Fruit Pink, E02-Fruit Pink, E04-Lipstick Natural, E08-Brown, E11-Bareley Beige, E15-Drak Suntan, E18-Copper, E21-Baby Skin Pink, E25-Caribe Cocoa, E29-Burnt Umber, E31-Brick Beige, E33-Sand, E35-Chamois, E37-Sepia, E40-Brick White, E41-Pearl White, E43-Dull Ivory, E47-Dark Brown, E49-Dark Bark, E50-Egg Shell, E51-Milky White, E53-Raw Silk, E57-Light Walnut, E59-Walnut, E71-Champagne, E77-Maroon, E79-Cashew, E93-Tea Rose, E95-Flesh Pink, G00-Jade Green, G000-Pale Green, G02-Spectrum Green, G05-Emerald Green, G07-Nile Green, G14-Apple Green, G17-Forest Green, G21-Lime Green, G28-Ocean Green, G29-Pine Tree Green, G82-Spring Dim Green, G85-Verdigris, G94-Grayish Olive, G99-Olive, R00-Pinkish White, R000-Cherry White, R02-Flesh, R05-Salmon Red, R11-Pale Cherry Pink, R14-Light Rouge, R17-Lipstick Orange, R20-Blush, R22-Light Prawn, R27-Cadmium Red, R29-Lipstick Red, R32-Peach, R35-Coral, R37-Carmine, R46-Strong Red, R59-Cardinal, R81-Rose Pink, R85-Rose Red, RV000-Pale Purple, RV02-Sugared Almond Pink, RV04-Shock Pink, RV06-Cerise, RV10-Pale Pink, RV13-Tender Pink, RV14-Begonia Pink, RV21-Light Pink, RV23-Pure Pink, RV29-Crimson, RV34-Dark Pink, RV42-Salmon Pink, RV69-Peony, RV95-Baby Blossoms, V000-Pale Heath, V01-Heath, V04-Lilac, V05-Marigold, V06-Lavender, V09-Violet, V12-Pale Lilac, V15-Mallow, V17-Amethyst, V91-Pale Grape, V95-Light Grape, W0-Warm Gray No.0, W1-Warm Gray No.1, W2-Warm Gray No.2, W3-Warm Gray No.3, W5-Warm Gray No.5, W7-Warm Gray No.7, Y00-Barium Yellow, Y000-Pale Lemon, Y02-Canary Yellow, Y06-Yellow, Y08-Acid Yellow, Y11-Pale Yellow, Y15-Cadmium Yellow, Y17-Golden Yellow, Y21-Buttercup Yellow, Y28-Lionet Gold, Y35-Maize, Y38-Honey, YG00-Mimosa Yellow, YG03-Yellow Green, YG06-Yellowish Green, YG09-Lettuce Green, YG11-Mignonette, YG17-Grass Green, YG23-New Leaf, YG41-Pale Green, YG63-Pea Green, YG67-Moss, YG91-Putty, YG95-Pale Olive, YR00-Powder Pink, YR000-Silk, YR02-Light Orange, YR04-Chrome Orange, YR07-Cadmium Orange, YR15-Pumpkin Yellow, YR16-Apricot, YR20-Yellowish Shade, YR23-Yellow Ochre, YR31-Light Reddish Yellow, YR61-Yellowish Skin Pink, YR68-Orange

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