We offer individual tuition in oils to adults and older teenagers and have a ‘Make your own Masterpiece’ programme.

In this program students can enhance their skills by making a master copy of an oil painting which could be an old master or a Matisse or another 20th Century artist.

Making a master copy has been a traditional and essential way of learning to paint and students are encouraged and assisted in undertaking comprehensive research of technique and materials. As the year progresses we will have guest artists offering tuition in watercolour, pastels and state of the art acrylics.


Nicole Black

works across a variety of mediums and surfaces from commercial to personal projects, Nicole is a very experienced tutor and has worked extensively in the eastern states and is an Illustrator, Artist and occasional Graphic Designer.

Nicole has studied Visual Arts and Graphic Design giving her the expertise to work across various analog and digital mediums. She has many personal projects, commissions, and collaborations, which sees her “style” constantly developing.  This broad experience and Nicole’s love for the creative process makes her the perfect fit for ongoing workshops and teaching at The Paint Box in Hahndorf.


You can book and pay for Nicole Black’s current classes at The PaintBox here:

Bookings and information are available direct from Nicole – contact hello@nicoleblack.com.au.

Rebecca Prince

Rebecca Prince

Bec Prince owns and manages Arty Types at The PaintBox and the Hahndorf Academy, specialising in children’s and adult’s art classes designed to encourage confidence as well as develop technical skills. Bec’s classes offer the opportunity to explore possibilities, broaden the imagination and have fun experimenting with lots of different art techniques. We provide a fun, non-threatening environment for children and adults to work in and always strive to inspire and encourage individuals in their creative endeavours.

Classes cover a large age range and a variety of art forms including drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture techniques using all sorts of influences and are continuously adding new media and ideas to the mix. We also run school holiday workshops and more specific adult’s classes in life drawing and watercolours. Please click on the above link for more specific information and pricing.

For phone enquiries and bookings please contact Rebecca Prince on 0433 098 596, 9.00 am till 6.00 pm, Monday to Friday. Check out Bec’s classes by clicking on the following links:

  • http://www.artytypesartschool.com/adults-art-classes.html
  • http://www.artytypesartschool.com/art-parties.html

Alison Waye

Alison Waye

As a realist oil painter, Alison is fascinated by our visual experience of reality.  Using oil paint to express ideas related to how we as individuals relate to the rest of the natural world. Alison has a Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design from AC Arts TAFE, Honours from Adelaide Central School of Art and a Graduate Diploma in Teaching (secondary) with a double major as a Visual Arts teacher. Her work is about our relationship with the natural environment, and in particular how humans relate to other species.  Alison exhibits regularly and provides workshops teaching the fundamental skills of oil painting at The Paintbox.

Check out  Alison’s classes via this link https://alisonwaye.com/art-classes. Alison can be emailed at waye.art@gmail.com for pricing and bookings.

Christina Metelli

Christina Metelli

Born in Milano, Italy, Cristina Metelli studied at art school as a teenager, before immigrating to Adelaide, Australia where she continued her artistic education, earning a Bachelor Degree in Visual Art (First Class Honours) from Adelaide Central School of Art. Cristina makes paintings, sculptures and assemblage works that investigate the extent to which human lives are entwined with the natural environment, in both a physical and emotional sense. From the perspective of a migrant to Australia, Metelli explores subjects ranging from environmental sustainability, to the perception of the spirit of a place and a sense of belonging, generated through an emotional and sensorial response to nature. Guided by practice-led research, her investigations draw upon her interest in the fields of both natural sciences and psychology, and the way in which people can be affected by their interaction with nature.  

Stay tuned for Christina’s next classes at The PaintBox.

Christina can be contacted at crismet@optusnet.com.au or her mobile at 0421 638 188. Her work can be followed on her Facebook page.                                                                                                          

Liana Vargas

Liana Vargas 

Liana started her creative career as a Flamenco dancer and performed in many of the worlds most illustrious Theatres throughout Europe, the United States, and Central America.  After nearly 10 years abroad traveling and dancing, she returned home to Australia and felt a great need to expand her creativity into the visual arts. Until this time her love of drawing and painting had taken a second place in her life. Her intensive art training followed with a full-time degree in Visual Arts Degree (BVA) at the Adelaide Central School of Art. Not long after receiving her Bachelor of Visual Arts degree, Liana was awarded a Winter Artists Residency at the Scuola Internazionale de Grafica in Venice. 

As well as being an active exhibiting artist, Liana has dedicated herself to helping others achieve their artistic goals through her workshops and classes for Adults, Teens, and Children. Her painting and drawing workshops and classes are offered at The PaintBox. “You choose what to paint, with like-minded people, while enjoying generous – gentle instruction”.

Since graduating with a Bachelor of Visual Arts (BVA) from Adelaide Central School of Art in 2012, Liana has actively offered tuition in painting and drawing, with wonderful results, stating “I love seeing the confidence build as my students progress and their self-assurance grow.  I believe art is essential and vital for we are, at the heart of it, creative beings”.

Liana can be contacted at mail@lianavargas.com.au. Stay tuned for Liana’s next classes at The PaintBox.