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Brushes for Watercolour

Choose from an extensive range of natural and synthetic fine art brushes & palette knives from the best brush makers around the world. The great variety of artist brushes we sell at The PaintBox for painters who work with oils, acrylics and watercolour has steadily grown over the years because we have had the privilege of being sent samples of brushes from the world’s leading brush manufacturers, and the ones we are most impressed with, we sell! In this section you’ll find some of our most popular watercolour brushes.
You will notice that we sell a mixture of sable, squirrel and high quality synthetic fibre brushes. When sourcing animal hair brushes we look specifically for CITES certification and we reject brushes that are made from hair originating from the unregulated Chinese fur market, this is becoming increasingly difficult as the selection is becoming narrower by the year, given the dominance of that particular market.
The staff at The PaintBox are very proud of of our selection of high quality synthetic brushes, many of which will out-perform animal hair brushes. High quality synthetic brushes are made of engineered materials to replicate their organic counterparts. Our staff have vetted these brushes and you can follow tags such ‘high quality synthetic’ ‘staff favourite’ ‘cruelty free’ and ‘vegan’ to find out more

Below is an explanation of why and what brushes will be best suited to your painting approach.