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Terms of Service

Thank you for visiting The PaintBox online store. We certainly hope you enjoy browsing through our extensive range and enjoy your shopping experience with us. By browsing and purchasing items from this website you are automatically agreeing to the Terms of Service of the site as set out below. We therefore recommend that you read through these and contact us immediately if you have any issues with its content. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, use of our website is not permitted.


All prices include GST in the displayed price including discounted pricing and shipping charges. The GST component of the price is displayed separately in the order confirmation details. PaintBox Art Supplies reserve the right to update recommended retail prices, promotional prices, product information and product availability without notice.

Promotions and Discount Pricing

PaintBox Art Supplies offer promotional or discounted pricing on a products’ Recommended Retail Price over specified periods. These pricing advantages are detailed by email to our newsletter subscriber base, online notifications via and in-store display. The promotional price and valid promotional period are detailed in all email newsletter correspondence and in-store signage. PaintBox Art Supplies reserve the right not to display the valid promotional period on due to the display limitations of the platform.

It is the responsibility of the customer to be aware of a promotional price or the valid promotional period. Where an online purchase of a product has been made prior to the launch of a promotional price on that product, PaintBox Art Supplies is under no obligation to honour a promotional price outside the stated valid period.

Out of Stock Discrepancies

Products may display as in stock online, however during the period of the order being received to our physical store, the item may have changed to a status of ‘out of stock’ due to sales crossover from in-store purchases. PaintBox Art Supplies is not responsible for this display discrepancy. However, every effort will be made to fulfil the out-of-stock items which may result in a 7 day delay in fulfilment of an online order. Where a back order is out-of-stock at the supplier the delay may be 1 to 3 months, especially when relating to international suppliers. In all cases we will maintain correspondence with the customer regarding availability of the product in question.

Supply of Goods

Whilst PaintBox Art Supplies takes the greatest care in supplying the highest standards of quality in their products, they are not responsible for the useability of the product as supplied by the original manufacturer in an un-opened state. In these cases, we will begin correspondence with the manufacturer and discuss replacement of faulty products as per the Returns Policy detailed information.

Equally it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the goods purchased are suitable for their own requirements and we are not responsible for climatic, environmental and existing conditional usage of the products. Many of our products are made from natural substances whose behaviour can vary in different environments and applications. Their structure can also vary according to the process used in their assembly and usage. The PaintBox strives to maintain consistency and continuity in these matters and in no circumstances will entertain claims for the value of work alleged to have been adversely affected by use of any of our supplied products, which prove to be unsatisfactory to the user. Our liability is therefore confined to the value of the goods alone. 

PaintBox Art Supplies aims to ensure that you receive your purchased goods safely and in good condition. Goods are packed soundly, and the shipping carton is secured carefully. Despite these precautions, occasional there is damage to products during shipping which may cause leakage of the contents. Care must always be taken to open parcels to avoid spillages, further damage to goods and/or damage to other property such as carpets, flooring or clothing.

Damage caused because of ill-considered parcel-opening methods will not be compensated by PaintBox Art Supplies.

Theft or damage to shipped cartons and the goods there-in, after they leave the store premises, will not be compensated by PaintBox Art Supplies. Please see our Shipping and Fulfilment Policy for detailed information.

Order Processing

When you complete the checkout process on the following process takes place:

  • Your order is transmitted to our integrated point of sale system for processing.
  • A confirmation of your order is emailed to you regarding receipt of your order.
  • Your order is fulfilled and any issues with supply of goods and freight charges are communicated by email or phone with you and resolution sought.
  • Confirmation is made of payment. If you have selected Direct Deposit as a payment method your order will be held until we have received confirmation from you or our bank that payment has been received. This may delay processing of your order.
  • Your order is packed and marked as fulfilled and dispatched with our logistics provider.
  • A confirmation email is sent to you confirming shipping and delivery tracking details.

This completes the fulfilment process for your online purchase.

Copyright Statement

All original content including text and images, not supplied by permission of product manufacturers, on is the property of PaintBox Art Supplies. Permission is granted to reproduce text and images found on for personal and educational use only. Commercial copying, hiring, lending is prohibited. Any infringement of these rights will be investigated. 

Returns Policy
We are happy to issue credit notes, replacements, or refunds for any items with proof of purchase from PaintBox Art Supplies, as set by the conditions outlined in the Returns Policy. Returns must be notified within 7 days of purchase. Consideration will of course be given in the case of delays with shipping delivery timeframes. Notification should be made by email or phone and we will require the original transaction order number and the reason for the return.

No returns will be accepted without correspondence prior to return arrangements and staff approval in writing.

Description and Display of Products Online

We take all reasonable care to ensure that all details including product descriptions, prices and images appearing on the are correct at the time when the information was entered onto the website. We aim to keep all information up to date on the website however if there have been changes made to any product or packaging that conflict with our displayed information or images, PaintBox Art Supplies are not accountable.

Colour representation via swatches that are used online to represent the physical colour of a product will give a rough indication of the colour of that product only. Due to optimization of images for the web and differing colour gamut settings of computer monitors, it is impossible to rely 100% on the accuracy of the image as viewed on screen. It is the risk of the purchaser to order unfamiliar colours, and the costs of any returns are the responsibility of the buyer if the actual colour is not appropriate for the customer’s requirements.

Gift Vouchers

The value of The PaintBox Gift Vouchers can be used to purchase all goods sold by Paintbox Art Supplies both in-store at any of our outlets or at

PaintBox Gift Vouchers are digital vouchers that are sent by email to the purchaser of the Gift Voucher. The purchaser will then be able to forward the voucher at their discretion to the intended recipient.

The Gift Voucher has a unique code that when presented at a any of our stores and applied to redeem the value of the Voucher for the purchase of goods. The code can also be applied to purchases at when entered in the appropriate field at check out.

Gift Vouchers can be partially redeemed both in-store and online.

When purchased at, the Gift Voucher purchase will be fulfilled during normal store trading hours only.

Gift Vouchers do not incur a shipping charge.

Gift vouchers may not be exchanged for cash. If you decide to return the items you purchased with your gift vouchers, you will not receive a cash refund.  A credit note will be issued on your account for subsequent orders. All goods for refund must be returned in as new, unopened condition unless they have been damaged in transit to you initially. As with all returns please review our Returns & Refund Policy for all relevant details.

If your gift vouchers have become accidentally damaged or lost, please contact us with details of the original purchase including purchaser name and date of transaction and we will organise a copy to be forwarded to you via email.