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ARTGRAF encompasses a range original drawing and sketching tools, made by the Viarco family in Portugal. High quality soluble graphite, that is easily transportable and can be used with a brush or waterbrush, for quick, expressive works. The soluble graphite is available in a large core 2B and darker 6B pencil, in 20g pocket size and 60g studio tin, plus a darker solid stick. In testing different brands of water-soluble graphite, we find ARTGRAF dissolves better, so you can work more quickly and get more textural effects. The suspended graphite pigment acts just like graphite watercolour, with tone depending on how much water you use. Once dry, the graphite will remain partially mobile (can be lifted with a kneadable eraser), so you may want to consider fixing your work. ARTGRAF also make a range of pigmented discs, based on the concept of a tailor’s chalk, that you can also use like pans or directly to the page.

The Tailor chalks are available in a range of primary and earth colours, but are not as liftable as the graphite.

Inspired by traditional tailor’s chalk, ArtGraf Tailor Shape is a rich, water-soluble block of compressed pigment. It is extremely soft and provides artists with a wide range of shades depending on the amount of water used, from light, transparent tones to deep, rich, opaque colours. When diluted, the Tailor’s Shape acts similarly to an ink, it can also be used dry as a drawing medium by itself. It can be used as an entire block to draw or paint with or colour can be picked up from the block with a brush, similarly to how you would use traditional watercolour paint.

ArtGraf Tailor Shape is available in earth colours ranging from Black Carbon to Sepia and Sanguine and is also available in White, Red, Yellow and Blue.