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Product Reviews

Product Reviews serve a variety of purposes, but most importantly, they give our customers a way to share their opinions & useful tips which helps both us & fellow artists make future purchase decisions. At The PaintBox this is especially important to us because we have always sought feedback from our artist customers and it is on the basis of this wealth of experience that we can make recommendations. We value your opinion and so does our online community.

Reviews can be submitted for products you purchased online or in store. On The PaintBox website, search for the product you want to review, scroll towards the bottom of the page and write your thoughts on the product’s quality and value as well as any other comments about how you used the product and what worked well, or what didn’t work well and why.

The PaintBox will publish all submitted reviews however there are some exceptions. We won’t publish a review if

  • it contains incorrect information about the product
  • it mentions specifics about prices
  • it mentions specifics about competitors
  • it contains personal information about the reviewer
  • it contains profanity or other inappropriate content
  • it isn’t about the product, but about shipping, service, or something else related to the product purchase