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Herbin Glass Calligraphy pens are crafted out of hand-blown glass in the tradition of 16th century Venice. The fine glass tips are twisted in a light spiral to hold the maximum amount of ink – enough to write a full page of text without re-dipping.

Herbin Glass Calligraphy pens can be used on your desk as ornaments and as a writing instrument. This Carnivale Venetian Writing pen has small grooves on the nib, several lines can be written without dipping. Each Glass pen is hand-crafted and therefore completely unique,each pen having its own character that van be modfied. When the nib is slightly blunt do not hesitate to use fine sand paper (recommended grade 400). Rub gently on the nib with the paper and the pleasure of writing will be renewed.

Herbin Glass calligraphy pens are often purchased for decorative reasons, unsurprisingly given their beautiful colours and variations, but these are also great to use. While glass might not be our first thought when we think of writing, these are a surprisingly comfortable and enjoyable tool to write with.

Glass pens are best for use with fountain pen ink. Also suitable for use with calligraphy ink but some thicker inks might need watering down for use on the dip pen – if the ink is too thick it won’t flow and will blob on the page instead.

  • Spiral tip acts as a reservoir for ink 
  • Round spiral body 
  • Ergonomic handle 
  • Presented in an elegant black gift box 

Herbin Glass Calligraphy pens can be delivered anywhere in Australia or New Zealand

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