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Bob Ross would have loved these Borciani & Bonazzi Series 48 flat professional artist hog bristle brushes which are made with high quality matural bristle, round, anodized aluminium ferrule, with a shaped wooden long handle.

The blonde hog bristles are characterised by a conical and feathered structure on top, offering good absorbency and a medium-slow release for fluid paints, whilst maintaining good elasticity in the brushstrokes.

Series 48 has a characteristic shape with a rounded point, being full and narrow at the base and rounded at the tip, which means strokes are left on the outer sides of the application. Ideal for water-based paints, it is used in painting to apply the colour with drip markings, patination and backdrops in soft shades with acrylic, tempera and oil thanks to the medium-slow release of the fluids. The handle is long and light, suitable for work on vertical surfaces where a view offering an overall perspective is needed.

THE BRUSHSTROKE: The line is soft, without any obvious strokes, creating a rectangle form with rounded side when pressure is applied.

Borciani e Bonazzi has been making fine art brushes for over half a century. Today, their expert workers still make their brushes exclusively by hand, one by one, using age-old techniques and top-quality materials, mainly natural hair or bristles. Skill and enthusiasm result in a product of very high quality, widely used by artists and painters and preferred for a wide variety of restoration projects, including many of the most important monuments and works of art in Italy, for example the restoration work carried out both at Rome and Florence for the Jubilee.

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