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Neef 1150 Hog Bristle Brushes Filbert

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The Neef 1150 Brush Series is a 100% interlocked hoghair/ boarbristle blue, long handled range suitable for painting in oils and acrylic. The range comes in different shapes: Flat, Bright, Filbert and Round. This type of brush will leave painterly brushmarks in the paint film where reuired. The Bright will leavethe greatest array of marks and the Filbert the least.

The 1150 brushes are made with only the best quality Chungking Bristles and the brushes are very springy because an etra length of hair is inserted into the ferrule,which is used to mould the interlocked bristles together via a short amount of oven heating.

Neef states that their quality control enables the 1150 brush series to retain its shape and resilience over many years. Many painters trained at Adelaide Central School of Art are devotees of this particular line of brushes and reruns of Bob Ross programmes have also lead to Hog Brushes gaining great popularity and it is bevause of this popularity that we continue to stock them at The PaintBox.

However, if you are going to invest in these brushes you should speak with the staff at The PaintBox and ask to see brushes, of this and other lines, after five years of use because the bristles change shape over time in a very predictable way, which some artists like and others do not. In contrast the Neef 95 High Quality Synthetic Range of brushes, which come in identical sizes and shapes, retain their shape after similar wear. Please ask Staff to see the worn brushes. 

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