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Neef 2010 Badgerlon Brushes Round

Original price was: $15.30 – $61.80.Current price is: $12.24 – $49.44.

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The new NEEF 2010 synthetic Badgerlon brush range has been developed to simulate natural badger hair, it has the ability to hold plenty of colour and the hair holds its shape extremely well just ike the interlocked hog 1150s. Each synthetic filaments shape is random like natural badger hair and it is treated and double heated so it behaves actually like the natural version. Ideal for heavy bodied acrylic and oil painting on canvas. An excellent durable brush that is a staff favouite at The PaintBox.

The Neef 2010s are xcellent in the larger sizes, in smaller sizes please check out out our Borciani & Bonazzi brushes, hand made by a family in Italy, brilliant for oils and acrylics, high quality vegan brushes which closely simulate badger hair. They have a shorter ergonomic wooden handle.

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