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Ruby Satin Dagger Striper brushes from The Silver Brush Co are on sale at The PaintBox and if you want to save even more on your art supplies then you’re welcome to join The PaintBox VIP CLub for even deeper discounts and rewards!

Ruby Satin is a high-quality synthetic brush with the shape and feel of interlocked bristles. These brushes have a precise snap and excellent colour control, no matter if you are using heavy body acrylics, oils or water-mixable oils. They are also excellent for acrylic painting.

Each brush features a seamless, nickel-plated brass ferrule and an epoxy seal. This offers additional protection to the bristles so you can paint with confidence on canvas, wood, and even tough surfaces. The ferrules are then carefully fitted to comfortable green polished handles.

The Ruby Satin 2512S Dagger Striper is useful for a variety of techniques, including striping, leaves, stems, branches and more.

  • Made of 100 percent interlon filament
  • The revolutionary synthetic with the control and feel of interlocked bristle, and more durable than natural hair
  • Paint with confidence on wood, canvas, or tough fabrics like sweats, jeans or heavy cotton
  • Also used for blending, double loading, layering and stroke work

Use Ruby Satin Dagger on rugged textured surfaces. Paint with confidence on wood, canvas, or tough fabrics like sweats, jeans or heavy cotton. With precise snap and fine control, Ruby Satin replaces more expensive natural hair.
Ruby Satin offers superb color control with heavy body, tube, or jar acrylics, oils, gouache, encaustic or casein. Perfect for blending, double loading, layering and stroke work.

Ruby Satin Dagger Striper brushes available in-store and online at The Paintbox, home to the widest range of art supplies in Adelaide. Check out our loyalty rewards programme, which makes your artistic ambitions achievable. Be sure to check out our other fabulous finds on our website and start saving today. Our knowledgeable staff at The PaintBox can guide you through our carefully selected ranges of art supplies for all applications. This is only a small selection of our stock. We sell many brands, weights, and textures, in-store only.  Please call 08 8388 7776 to enquiry.




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