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Silver Brush Black Velvet Dagger Striper Brushes are made from a blend of squirrel hair and a new type of synthetic filament called Risslon. This unique blend of natural squirrel hair and black synthetic filament creates ideal working tools for the watercolourist, silk painter, and artists working with inks, dyes, acrylics or gouache.

This is a Series 3012S Short-handled Dagger Striper. This long-bristled brush sharpens to a fine point which is suitable for line work and detailing. Thanks to the length and width of the bristles behind the point, this brush holds a lot of paint; it is possible to paint long lines without breaking off to re-load the brush with paint. The lines left by this brush will vary in width depending on the pressure used. Available in 1/4in or 3/8in sizes.

Squirrel hair holds large amounts of colour and releases it with perfect control. By itself, squirrel is delicate. So it has been blended it with a synthetic to resist wear and maintain a wonderful snap and spring. This soft blend allows multiple layer glazing without disturbing previous colours, yet its firm enough to lift colour with a gentle scrub.Because they are blended, these premium short-handled brushes possess the durability and spring of a synthetic brush, and the liquid-holding capacity of a squirrel mop, making them a great investment for any watercolourist. They are designed for use with water-based paint; principally watercolour, inks, dyes and silk paints.

The black Risslon filaments are mounted in black ferrules. Just behind the ferrule, the brush bears a distinctive silver neck band which contrasts with the glossy black finish of the handle.

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