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Made of premium tan leather, the Stria Sheath securely protects your ruler while it’s stored or on the move. The leather will age gracefully and gain character over time.

Add an extra layer of protection with a premium, Italian made and tanned Badalassi Carlo Leather Sheath. The leather has a rich hue that deepens gracefully with time and use.

Makers Cabinet packaging is paper-based and is 100% recyclable

Makers Cabinet design, manufacture and sell beautiful drawing and writing tools that are built to last a lifetime. Their products use time honoured mechanisms and materials to create objects that wear ‘in’ rather than wearing ‘out’.

The brand’s ‘Høvel’ pencil plane enables you to whittle your pencil perfectly to any desired point. ‘Iris’ is a unique circle drawing tool inspired by camera apertures. Both products are machined from solid brass and then polished to a perfect finish. They patina with time and use; creating heirloom quality tools for creative practice.

Makers Cabinet uses crowdfunding to create the first batch of each product and once in production they are sold from their London Workshop and to specialist shops like The PaintBox.

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