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This natural-hair Menso brush is designed specifically for drawing fine, flexible lines, making it perfect for detail work like facial structures. Kolinsky sable hair offers superior strength, slenderness, and resiliency.

Artist Notes:

Really fun tool for inking and drawing with India ink. Kolinsky hairs are quite responsive and allow you to easily control the width of your strokes with slight pressure changes of your drawing hand. Would make a fun addition to your manga or comic inking kit once you are ready to tackle inking tasks with bottled ink and a real brush. If all you care about is its performance, you should know that this brush would give you the greatest control over your mark making and allow you to make the finest brush strokes. It can make a variety of brush strokes and line thicknesses. You can get pretty thin lines with a light touch, and fairly bold strokes by pressing down on the brush head.I think this Menso brushes would make a fun addition to your manga making kit. It is pretty easy to draw and sketch with the Kolisnky brush in particular given its flexibility, resilience, and ink load capacity.

This is a powerful manga brush that can get a wide range of line weight. You can fill a piece with thick strokes or get hair-thin details. It also has a huge capacity to hold ink for a long time, so make sure you don’t use an ink that dries too quickly. Due to the nearly 25mm long bristles and flexibility of the Kolinsky hair, this brush can be difficult to control if you’re not already used to brush inking for art. I would not recommend this to artists just dabbling with comic inking, but highly recommend it for seasoned artists who have a steady hand and excellent pressure control with their tools. It’s excellent for controlled lines, and even great for sketching, but I recommend it for larger drawings on paper no smaller than A5.

If you are new to traditional or progressive manga drawing try exercises from pages 19 and 20 from Gary Martin’s “The Art of Comic Book Inking” to gain skills.

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