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A range of 5 drawing pencils in varying hardnesses, 1 being softest and 5 being hardest.

Nero is an oil-based charcoal that produces a shiny black, smudge-proof stroke. Water-resistant pencils, leads, and sticks work in excellent combination with traditional charcoal and all manner of water media when a permanent line is needed.
Combines beautifully with another of our favourite products ArtGraf which unlike Nero is water soluble, they are opposite in nature but work in a complementary way, one being stubbornly fixed, anchoring a drawing and the other far more fluid.

The leads are slightly larger than a standard graphite pencil but unlike most charcoal pencils the point can be sharpened to a long strong point like a Blackwing. 

Nero is a wonderful pencil and is on the staff  favourite list. The best thing we like about the pencil is how relatively smudge-proof it is compared to graphite. When sketching with graphite, one might accidentally smudge the page with ones hand. With Nero, it requires more effort to smudge the lines and shade, so that’s really helpful at keeping the paper clean. 

Most highly recommended.

CretaColor Nero comes in sets, sticks, Battons and Pencils, these are pencils. Please check our separate listing for Nero sets which are very useful

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