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Ampersand Scratchboard Kits contain tools to work with the Claybord panels and for scratchboard. The Scratchbord Toolkit comes with one each of the tools shown in the image, a piece of steel wool and a free piece of Claybord for experimentation. Tools are also available packaged individually.

This Scratchbord tool kit is perfect for great scratchbord art,you need the right tools and surfaces. Each of these tools is designed to help you get the widest array of effects possible with the latest amount of effort. For professional results over time use Ampersand.
The Scratchbord Kit contains:

STEEL WOOL – Ampersand oil-free artist grade steel wool is designed for removing pigment from large areas and for creating tonal values. It leaves Claybord clean and white when used to remove inks, watercolours or gouache. Each package comes with one pad of each grade #0000 Very Fine, #00 Fine and #3 Coarse

LINE TOOL – Use the line tool for parallel lines and easy cross-hatching. This tool has five needles tightly pressed together so you can create extremely fine cross-hatching details.

SCRATCH KNIFE (WITH TWO NIBS) – The scratch knife is the best tool to select when trying scratchboard for the first time. Each handle comes with 2 nibs, one point and one curved.

WIRE BRUSH – Use the wire brush for creating random textures like hair, grass and fur. Curved stainless steel wires are held together in this wood handled tool.

FIBER BRUSH – Use the fiber brush tool like an eraser to soften crisp edges and to create gradual tonal values. Use a soft brush to remove the erasure dust because the fiberglass fibers can cause skin irritation.

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