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Generals Gum Erasers are all-purpose erasers which erase without scratching or smudging, ideal for many different applications- typically charcoal, pastel and pencil work. They are used by professional artists, architects and students alike. Gum erasers remove marks without smearing, brighten drawing boards, tracings and art works – particularly graphite. Designed to crumble while removing the unwanted mark keeping the paper surface clean.

Gum erasers  have a completely different feel than that of other erasers. While these are  made out of rubber, they are much softer than what we consider typical rubber erasers. When used, gum erasers tend to crumble but don’t worry, this it supposed to happen! The crumbs actually help absorb the graphite. The nice thing about gum erasers is that since they crumble when erasing, they do not tear up your paper. However, they also tend to not last as long as other erasers. Gum erasers are ideal for erasing graphite on paper. Gum erasers tend to crumble so it is best to not use it when trying to erase fine lines and details in your sketch. However, given its softness gum erasers are good to your paper. You’ll recognize these as being a natural brown in colour, sometimes semi-transparent.

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