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Kuretake Cartoonist nibs for Manga allow an artist or calligrapher to achieve beautiful senstivity of line. The different Pen Nibs will give a wide range of lines and ink flow to suit your personal drawing style. Great for detail work in manga and cartoons. G-Pen, Saji-Pen, and School-Pen have 3 per pouch. The Maru-Pen has 2 per pouch. Pair with the Kuretake cartoonist nib holders that we stock

  • Maru-Pen: Mainly used for drawing small details such as hair, folds of clothing, or eyes.
  • School-Pen: Ideal for drawing soft and smooth lines.
  • Saji-Pen: Saji-Pen nib is firm and produces a well defined line.
  • G-Pen: Ideal for drawing thick to thin lines. Great for drawing outlines or calligraphy.

Kuretake Manga Nibs are part of a comprehensive selection of traditional drawing utensils used by Manga Artists in Japan.

One 5-1/2 inch long tapered wood pen nib holder with a cushioned grip, for use with Zig Pen Nibs for Manga (Saji, G-pen, Maru & School nibs).

Manga is said to originate from scrolls dating back to the 12th and 13th centuries. During the Edo period (1603-1867), another book of drawings, Toba Ehon, embedded the concept of manga. It was the artist Rakuten Kitazawa (1876–1955) first used the word “manga” in the modern sense. The art of Manga is very dependent od sensitivity of line and that is exactly what these nibs deliver!

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Manga Nib G-Pen, Manga Nib Maru-Pen, Manga Nib Saji Pen, Manga Nib School Pen

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