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Pearl-tinted Gansai for professional artists and crafters. Ideal for calligraphy, illustrations, brush lettering and more.  Apply a wet brush or water brush to the colour to activate it. Gansai pans may exhibit cracking due to extreme dryness, however, it does not affect their quality. Occasionally, Gansai pan texture may look rough due to tiny air bubbles which can occur during production, which does not affect their quality. Made in Japan.

Gansai Tambi “Opal Colors” is a palette of 6 beautiful White Pearl colour paints, however, each one have different colour shade.

The Opal colours are different from the ‘normal’ Gansai Tambi colour specifications. Colours seem metallic, and if you change the angle you look at the colour, the colour will shift! (See photos)

They shows up very different on White paper and Black paper which is amazing. (See photos)

Gansai colours that reflect various colour tones depending on the angle from which it is viewed. it shines in pale, pearly tones on white paper, and displays a strong, metallic colour on dark-coloured paper. Includes: Opal Pink (No 634), Opal Copper (No. 692), Opal Gold (No. 695), Opal Green (No. 651), Opal Blue (No. 663) and Opal Violet (No. 638). 

Gansai are the Japanese alter-ego to European watercolours – also similar to gouaches. These high quality paints, made in Japan, can be used directly out of the box with a wet paintbrush – either thinly in translucent washes, or by layering for a bolder effect. These can also be used on darker paper bases. 

At The PaintBox we source and stock quality art supplies which we import directly.  This also means that you have access to a greater variety and pay less for these. These are perfect for any artists from amateur to professional. It is also perfect for any budget size.  Check out our loyalty rewards programme, which makes your artistic ambitions achievable. At these prices why not give these a go. Be sure to check out our other fabulous finds on our website and start saving today. Our knowledgeable staff at The PaintBox can guide you through our carefully selected ranges of Traditional Japanese  Paints for all applications. This is only a small selection of our stock. We sell many brands, weights, and textures, in-store only.  Please call 08 8388 7776 to enquire



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