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Gansai Watercolour Sets feature a range of carefully selected tradtional Japanese water colour

 Enjoy 36 shades of Gansai in your art practice, the Japanese alter-ego to European watercolours – also similar to gouaches. These high quality paints, made in Japan, can be used directly out of the box with a wet paintbrush – either thinly in translucent washes, or by layering for a bolder effect. These can also be used on darker paper bases. 


This selection of thirty six colours is presented in a green Japanese fabric-bound presentation box. Traditional Japanese watercolours are a high quality, water-soluble paint with rich pigments and beautiful colours in wide rectangular pans. Each pan is filled with a dry solid paint that reactivates quickly with water.


This collection has 36 colours in earths, warms and cools which enable to you recreate many more hues and tones (lights and darks).

Beautiful paints for adding colour to all your artwork, drawings and stamps including techniques using gouache, water colour painting, calligraphy, hand lettering, colouring stamps, sketching, illustrations, sumi-e and other visual arts masterpieces. All you need is a watercolour paintbrush or water-brush, both also available, each sold separately, and a splash of water!

The rich intense colours come from the water-based pigments, which are more opaque than other water colour brands but the water-based pigment paint can be highly opaque when used soleley as a gouache but can also become more transparent depending on the amount of water added for dilution. 

They are highly blendable with a creamy smooth consistency.

They are ideal for sketching, illustration, sumi-e, brush lettering and more.  Gansai Watercolour Sets are handcrafted using traditional methods as such pan trays may show cracks or rough textures due to air bubbles. This does not affect the quality or performance.

Every water colour block is an individual tray that can be removed from the palette during use. Non-toxic and odourless.

We also sell the individual refills.

Set of 36 pans
This set contains :
White, Black, Cadmium Red, Scarlet Red, Red, Orange, Dark Pink, Carmine Red, Wine Red, Deep Pink, Deep Violet, Purple, Lemon Yellow, Bright Yellow, Mid-Yellow, Light Brown, Brown, Dark Brown, Pale Aqua, May Green, Ocean Green, Mid-Green, Olive Green, Green, Marine Green, Turquoise Green, Evergreen, Cornflower Blue, Cobalt Blue, Persian Blue, Blue, Menthol Violet, Deep Blue, Gold, Blush Gold, and Silver.

Overall Size: 201mm x 17mm x 325mm
Weight: 476g
Each Pan size: 48mm x 29mm x 10mm

The handy storage box has a black base and an apple green lid with a colour chart and clear overlay. It includes a colour chart on the lid.

 Non toxic and kind to the environment. The materials used to produce this product are non-toxic. Safety was made a priority during production of these paints and no toxic heavy metals were used.

  Occasionally, some Gansai Japanese Pan Colours may display fine cracks (or ‘crazing’) in their pans. This is quite normal for these particular pan paint colours. These cracks do not affect the paint quality and we do not exchange them on the basis of this crazing.


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