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CHARBONNEL GILDING MIX GOLD SIZEĀ  is an oil based gold size suitable for interior and exterior gilding which can be used with all types of leaf.

Application: apply in a thin coat so that there is no pooling or excess sitting on the surface. Once applied it should reach a dry tack (similar to sellotape) in around 1 – 3 hours before it can be gilded on. The size will remain “open” and take leaf for a further 3 hours before it is fully dry. Allow as long as possible for the size to “cure” before handling the gilded item.

Please note the drying time will depend on the surrounding conditions. If it’s cold, it will take longer to reach a dry tack and then fully dry. If its hot, it may dry quicker and not remain “open” as long as desired.

Clean brushes with white spirits.

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