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 Ã¢Â€ÂœThe Masters Brush Cleaner” takes the effort out of cleaning up!

Since 1979 people have relied upon The Original B&J “The Masters” Brush Cleaner and Preserver to take special care in cleaning and conditioning artist brushes.The Best Cleaner

“The Masters” brush cleanerremoves oils, acrylics, watercolors, stains, and varnishes. And it helps prevent paint build-up in the ferrule. It also prevents the hardening and build-up so common with today’s acrylic paints. “The Masters”® works beautifully on the finest sable and bristle brushes, and it makes painting with nylon and synthetic brushes a snap. It conditions the brush to hold more color and helps lay down a smoother more even flow. Use “The Masters” after every session to keep your brushes like new. Keep your brushes ready for use while extending their lives with this brush cleaner. This tub tackles oil, acrylic, and watercolor paints plus stains with ease, and it works equally well for synthetic and natural brushes for added versatility and convenience.

The Best Preserver

“The Masters”® was formulated in conjunction with a cosmetic laboratory to help condition and preserve your brushes with the same care and thought as products that you use on your hair. It keeps your brushes like new so they’ll retain the same natural snap and lustre – for consistent performance – as the day you bought them.

The Best Restorer

Don’t throw away old brushes with dried-on oil paint, no matter how hard the bristles are. “The Masters”® restores old, stiff brushes to like-new condition. Simply wet with water, swirl, lather and let brush sit a while before rinsing. Repeat process until all the paint is removed. Your brushes will be reconditioned and you will have a new old brush.

For Cleaning

  1. Wipe brush to remove excess paint.
  2. Wet brush and/or “The Masters”® with water.
  3. Swirl brush in “The Masters”® and work into a lather.
  4. Rinse with clean water.
  5. Repeat if necessary until brush is clean (lather will be white). You can clean one color after another without removing the previous colors from “The Masters”® first.

For Preserving

  1. Clean brushes as above
  2. Leave clear lather on bristles, shape and allow to dry.
  3. Shake powder off bristles when ready to use again.

For Restoring

  1. Clean brush as above, but use hot water.
  2. Allow lather to remain on bristles for a few minutes.
  3. If necessary, tap bristles on a hard surface to work paint out.
  4. To clean paint from the ferrule, allow lather to remain on the bristles for several hours, and repeat the cleaning process.
  5. Leave clear lather on bristles, shape, and allow to dry.
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