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Art Spectrum Synthetic Ox Gall is a vegan form of the traditional wetting agent that enhances the flow of watercolour and gouache.

It improves adhesion on less absorbent surfaces and will clean greasy finger marks from paper prior to painting. Add a drop or two to the water used to dampen the paper which increases the flow of your watercolours by reducing the surface tension of the water you mix them with. This helps reduce marbling, resulting in more even washes. It can also be used on very hard sized papers to reduce surface tension – this allows the watercolour to sink into the paper faster. 

Art Spectrum Synthetic Ox Gall cheaper vegan alternative to oxgall which is a wetting agent. Traditionally, marblers use ox-gall (which is exactly what it sounds like) as a dispersing agent. Just a drop of oxgall in your paint will help it disperse tremendously. The general rule of thumb is that each additional colour you put on the mordant surface will require an additional drop of oxgall for equal spreading. 


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