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Grafx Art Masking Liquid Pump Marker contain a special masking liquid giving the ability rub off. All comes in a manufactured application tool. And this is how it works:
Apply the masking liquid on the surface not to be painted, next colorize, let dry briefly and rub off with a finger or a rubber.
MAIN FEATURES: pump marker with colored water-based masking liquid, exchangeable 2 mm or 4 mm Round-Tip, for all surfaces, refillable, easy to peel of without residues

Molotow Grafx Masking Liquid Pen is a convenient tool to block out areas of an artwork when using water colour, ink or airbrush. Once applied, the masking fluid will retain the white of the page or previous colour that was painted. Great for fine detail and creating sharp edges, the Flowmaster valve ensures precise and clean application. Gently shake pen before use. Apply masking ink directly to the areas to be masked, allow to dry completely (min. 10-15mins) before painting. Remove by rubbing with an eraser or fingers. Coloured to be able to see easily. Remove masking within 2 days. Refillable.

Masking fluid creates a protective barrier on your watercolor paper to prevent the paper from being colored by paint. The main ingredient in masking fluid is liquid latex. Most products you can find are tinted with coloring to provide a better contrast on white paper, making it easier to see where you are painting the mask. This liquid is applied to paper using various application techniques, in this case via a refillable marker pen, where it dries to form a watertight coating. The conventional way to achieve white with watercolor is to use the white of the paper, and not by painting with white paint as you do with other media such as oil or acrylics. Some artists do use white gouache for example, but to get the purest whites and highest contrast you need to preserve the white of the paper. When you want a large number of complicated white shapes with a darker background the easiest way to accomplish this is by masking your paper. This is where masking fluid comes in very handy. It can be used to shield any white or light toned shapes beforehand. You can then paint a continuous background wash as if the white shapes were not there, making brush strokes free and easy.

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