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When creating their Artists’ Oil Colours, Gamblin were mindful not only of how an artist works, but also of an artist’s working environment. Gamblin Artists’ Oils have the best qualities of traditionally made oils paints, combined with the latest technical innovations, to give the ultimate working properties. The Artists’ Oil range spans from historically accurate paints to modern, synthetically derived hues.

Titanium White: Reflecting 97.5% of all available light, this most opaque white is the perfect choice for direct painting. Monet would have loved it because he wanted his paintings to look soft, like velvet. The covering power of Titanium White is useful for creating opaque layers, but T-Z White is preferable for colour-mixing.

While most ranges of oil paint contain two or three whites, Gamblin produce ten: nine from their Artist Oil Range plus one FastMatte White Alkyd Oil Paint.

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