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Etchr Watercolour Sets with 24 half pans of hand-picked vegan watercolours in a stylish and sturdy watercolour tin. These sets make beautiful gifts!

This Etchr kit takes the the guesswork out of paint selection to provide simply the best student-grade watercolour paints directly to artists. Etchr spent over a year sourcing watercolours from all over the world. They then put every paint through countless rounds of rigorous testing by a panel of professional watercolourists and instructors. Finally, Etchr hand-picked the best paints that would be priced in the student-grade category and put together a set which achieves what they set out to do. These paints each exhibit the key characteristics that will help you develop as an artist: a wide variety of palette choices and transparency levels; great lightfastness, easy to mix with water, and pretty great level of pigmentation. We would describe these kits as Premium Student Grade. The lightfastness, transparency levels and Colour Index Names listed are below.

Artist Notes:  Lightfastness is the ability a dye or pigment has to endure light and retain its original colour over time. To sum it up, the better the level, the more resistant the colour is to fading when exposed to sunlight. Etchr colours conform to the Blue Wool Scale chart, which classifies lightfastness as 1 being very poor, and 8 being excellent. Etchr colours only have 5 and above. All Etchr watercolours use Gum Arabic as the binding agent.

The kit contains

  • 24 half pans with the colours: Pure White, Lemon Yellow, Just Yellow, Mighty Ochre, Llama Orange, Soft Orange, Simply Red, Rogue Red, Sweet Red, Pretty Pink, Royal Purple, Lime Green, Leaf Green, Emerald Green, Ocean Turquoise, Ultramarine Blue, Prussian Blue, Sky Blue, Cobalt Blue, Umber Brown, Brick Brown, Burnt Sienna, Dark Brown, Power Black;
  • Half pans come inside a black metal box which is convenient for carrying.
  • Swatching paper
  • Durable outer box for safe packaging and delivery (plus, the box is so cool that you can use it for whatever you’d like!).


Interpret the colour details below the following way: Colour name / lightfastness level by the Blue Wool Scale / Colour Index Name / Transparency level.

  • Pure White / 8 / PW6 / Opaque
  • Lemon Yellow / 7 / PY3 / Semi-transparent
  • Just Yellow / 8 / PY35 / Opaque
  • Mighty Ochre / 8 / PY42 / Opaque
  • Llama Orange / 8 / PY150 / Semi-opaque
  • Soft Orange / 8 / PO20 / Opaque
  • Simply Red / 8 / PR108 / Transparent
  • Rogue Red / 6 / PR177 / Semi-opaque
  • Sweet Red / 7 / PR123 / Transparent
  • Pretty Pink / 7 / PV19 / Transparent
  • Royal Purple / 7 / PV23 / Transparent
  • Lime Green / 8 / PG36 + PY74 / Semi-transparent
  • Leaf Green / 8 / PG17 / Transparent
  • Emerald Green / 7 / PG7 / Transparent
  • Ocean Turquoise / 5 / PY101 + PB17 / Transparent
  • Ultramarine Blue / 8 / PB29 / Transparent
  • Prussian Blue / 6 / PB27 / Semi-transparent
  • Sky Blue / 7 / PB15.3 / Opaque
  • Cobalt Blue / 8 / PB28 / Transparent
  • Umber Brown / 8 / PR101 + PBr7 / Transparent
  • Brick Brown / 8 / PR101 / Opaque
  • Burnt Sienna / 8 / PBr7 / Transparent
  • Dark Brown / 8 / PBr7 + PBk7 / Transparent
  • Power Black / 8 / PBk7 / Opaque

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