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Daniel Smith 12 Colour of Inspiration Hand Poured Half Pan Set in a METAL BOX

12 Colours of Inspiration HAND POURED Watercolour Half Pan Set in a Metal Box is filled with beautiful DANIEL SMITH Watercolours. Artists are excited by colour and find themselves inspired by new, juicy colours which is exactly what our 12 Colours of Inspiration in a Metal Box is designed to do!

Nine of these colours are unique to DANIEL SMITH (2 are PrimaTeks made from minerals!) and the other 3 complete the set for mixing.  Beautiful and reliable colour is why DANIEL SMITH Watercolours have become the favorites of so many artists world wide. 

As a BONUS, there are 12 empty half pans ready for filling with your favorite DANIEL SMITH Watercolours to customize your Metal Box.

The sturdy, black Metal Box has the popular DANIEL SMITH logo in white on the top left side.  

Inside are 12 DANIEL SMITH Watercolours Hand Poured into half pans which are removable and refillable, and the BONUS 12 empty half pans ready for filling with your favorite a Metal Box open showing the 12 empty half pans, mixing wells and acetate map of the colours.

Opening the Metal Box reveals 4 large paint mixing wells in the lid, the fold out section has 8 smaller wells.  The middle half pan holder section is removable and beneath it are 7 more mixing wells for a total of 19. The inside is painted with a white enamel for easy clean up with a soft cloth or paper towel. There is space between the 2 rows of half pans to keep a small brush (brush not included).  For convenient painting, there is a finger ring underneath that allows for securing the Metal Box to the palm of your hand while painting so you don’t have to grip the Metal Box.

Included with the set is a waterproof acetate map of the colours, their properties and location in the box.

Acetate map of the colours included with the DANIEL SMITH 12 Colours of Inspiration HAND POURED Watercolour Half Pan Set.

The 12 DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolours in the set are:  ( * indicates colours unique to DANIEL SMITH.)

Paint out showing the watercolours of the DANIEL SMITH 12 Colours of Inspiration HAND POURED Watercolour Half Pan Set.

Following in the DANIEL SMITH tradition of manufacturing the finest handcrafted paints and products, our pans are HAND POURED. 

Hand Pouring pans is incredibly labor intensive but offers the purest form of professional watercolour half pans. 

  • DANIEL SMITH uses the exact same formula for both tube and hand poured pan colours!
  • Rewets quickly and easily! A major benefit of painting with DANIEL SMITH pans is there is NO need to spray the colour with water before use, simply touch the colour with a damp brush and begin painting.
  • Professional Artist Quality
  • Finest pigments
  • Highest pigment load
  • Consistency of colour
  • Exceptional lightfast pigments
  • Portable and easy to use. Perfect for travel, plein air, urban sketching & unique colour combinations.
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