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Chinese Rice Paper Rolls – unsized, perfect for Sumi-e or Chinese brush painting and calligraphy, window or screen covering, mounting, book Binding, block Printing, rubbing, stamping, kite, lantern, and collage etc. 
Suitable to most water-based art media, this unsized Chinese rice paper is known for its great strength and durability. It has a pure white, soft yet rough surface. PH neutral and archival, this 30gsm translucent rice paper is praised as the “king of all papers” and is supposed to last a thousand years because it is white as alabaster, soft yet firm, and resistant to aging and worms. This premium quality unsized Whenzouu rice paper absorbs and smears evenly. These Whenzou rice paper rolls are very convenient to carry around and cut or tear into the size as you need for any single time.  

Unsized rice paper has an almost miraculous absorbency. But this is the tricky side of unsized rice paper. As it is highly absorbent, it requires a firm and experienced brush handling, fast movements of the brush, and a high moisture control, otherwise ink and colors will run. It responds highly to vigorous brush work with a soft sheep’s hair brush, displaying vivid, energetic and vibrant brush strokes.

It is the best sumi-e paper for one ink layer paintings. If used for multiple washes make sure that the last wash is almost completely or totally dry before you apply a new layer; in so doing you avoid bleeding.

Unsized rice paper has a yin quality. As it soaks the ink and colors deep into the paper, the ink shines inwardly, unlike sized rice paper where the colors stay on the surface.

For many calligraphers, raw rice paper is the best of papers, because it energizes the brush handling. As the brush touches the paper, it experiences a certain resistance on the slight rough texture of the unsized rice paper and this is the principle of a spirited interplay of brush with paper.

Unsized rice paper is referred to as the enlightening rice paper, as it is truthful to the moment. It is the rice paper of genuine inspiration. But as it is usually the case, spontaneity requires technique and mastership, and to achieve this you need in turn time and perseverance. This does not mean you can not use unsized rice paper right from the very beginning of your apprenticeship. We encourage you to do so, as the sooner you start working on unsized rice paper the earlier you will discover the mysteries of this paper.

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