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LANA Bristol Pads of  acid- free heavy weight Bristol paper. Extremely white with smooth surface, 250gsm for drawing with pen, ink and gouache. Contains 20 sheets. Can be used for crayon, coloured crayon, felt pen and ink. Excellent for markers and illustration. 

The French firm Lana can lay claim to being one of the oldest paper producers in Europe. Lana was founded in 1590 in the Vosges area near the Gallo-Roman settlement Villa Lana. In 1872 the factory was established in Strasbourg in north eastern France.

Bristol generally describes drawing paper that is pasted together to form multi-ply sheets. It derives its name from the early days of European papermaking when mills would send their finest paper to Bristol, England for pasting.

In addition to understanding the difference between the weights and plies of Bristol papers and boards, it is equally important to understand the difference in their surfaces. Bristols are available in vellum, semi-smooth, smooth, and plate surfaces. Lana could be described as between vellum and semi-smooth, its popularity rests in the fact that it has such a wide range of uses.

Smooth: Also known as hot press, has a very satiny, hard finish. This surface is especially good for pen and ink, marker, mechanical layout and airbrush.

Vellum: Also called regular, medium or kid finish, this surface has a tooth or roughness, making it excellent for use with dry media including pencil, colored pencil, charcoal, pastel and oil pastel.

Semi-Smooth: The perfect in-between surface that isn’t as smooth as smooth, and not as rough as vellum. The Slightly textured surface is suited for pen and ink tools, pencil, specialty pens and markers.

Plate: A unique, uniformly smooth finish is created on the surface of the sheet through a special process. Sheets of paper are interleaved with highly polished metal plates to make a stack or “book”. The “book” is then pressed repeatedly between steel rollers under great pressure, imparting the smoothness of the metal plates to the paper’s surface. This surface is ideal for pen and ink, marker, mechanical layouts and air-brushing.

20 Sheets


Pads glued on top

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