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The unique surface texture of Mi-Teintes Touch pastel paper allows for many creative possibilities and layering of pigments. A great palette of cool blues, warm earth, and grey tones are now available to support a wide range of artist creativity. Pastels, charcoal, crayons, & acrylic perform beautifully. Give artwork a new dimension while allowing colours to really pop due to the thinly sanded surface. Highlight work that requires precision & fine detail. Only the unique know how and experience of Canson could lead to this innovation in pastel paper.

Mi-Teintes Touch sheets retain all dry pigments because they have micro abrasive surfaces created by a sanded primer. Mi-Teintes Touch is the ideal support for dry pastels.

In addition to being particularly suited to layers of pastels Mi Teintes Touch also works well with wet media and can be used in mixed media applications that combine wet and dry media.

Artists will find pleasure in creating their works of art all while being able to illustrate detail and shading effects. Available in 10 different colours in 50x65cm sheets.

 Mi-Teintes Touch is available by the sheet and pack in-store and online at The Paintbox, home of the widest range of traditional and progressive Art Supplies in Adelaide. At The PaintBox we source and stock quality art supplies which we import directly. This means that you have access to a greater variety and pay less. These are perfect for any artists from amateur to professional. It is also perfect for any budget size. Check out our loyalty rewards programme, which makes your artistic ambitions achievable. At these prices why not give these a go. Be sure to check out our other fabulous finds on our website and start saving today. Our knowledgeable staff at The PaintBox can guide you through our carefully selected ranges of art supplies for all applications. This is only a small selection of our stock. We sell many brands, weights, and textures, in-store only. Please call 08 8388 7776 to enquire. We offer art tuition too!


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Burgundy Red 503, Cream 407, Dark Grey 345, Flannel Grey 122, Indigo Blue 140, Light Blue 490, Sand 336, Sepia Brown 133, Sky Grey 354, Steel Grey 431, Stygian Black 425, Tobacco 501, Twilight 131, White 335


Stygian Black 425, Dark Grey 345, Steel Grey 431, Flannel Grey 122, Indigo Blue 140, Light Blue 490, Sky Grey 354, Twilight 131, Burgundy Red 503, Tobacco 501, Sepia Brown 133, Sand 336, Cream 407, White 335


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