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Fragrant Vintage Fig Pencils are on sale at The PaintBox but if you want to save even more on your art supplies then you’re welcome to become a PaintBox VIP Member for even deeper discounts  and rewards!

Many customers remark on the smell of rich linseed oil and resinous balsams hanging faintly in the air when they come into our shop. A vast array of pungent and tactile raw materials are stored and sold to artists to make their mediums, paints and varnishes, and to restoration experts in museums. Over the years Fragrant Vintage Fig Pencils amongst other treasures have lent their essence to the olfactory experience at The PaintBox.

Please let us know if you can reminisce about your visit to our shop with any sense-related memories, we’d love to know in your review! In the meantime you can ignite your olfactory senses at home or in your studio with these beautifully scented Viarco pencils. We have Lavender, Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Peony, Lily of The Valley  and Fig available online and in-store. Each set includes 6 x HB Fragrant Vintage Peony Pencils in a bundle. The Collection is named after the Backyards and Gardens of Portugal by Viarco who state:

“When visitors come to Viarco invariably associate the smell of cedar wood used in the production of the pencil as an intimate scent of childhood. This olfactory/affective association connected to the pencil is the base of this whole project, with which it intends to create a small olfactory portrait of Portugal’s Backyards and Gardens.  In partnership with i-SENSIS perfume design, we created the collection Backyards and Gardens of Portugal with scents of Orange Flower, Lily of Valley, Jasmine, Peony, Fig and Lavender.  A small tribute to our grandparents´ homes”

A perfumed collection of pencils which intends to create a small olfactory portrait of Portugal’s Backyards and Gardens.  With scents of Orange Flower, Lily of the Valley, Jasmine, Peony, Fig and Lavender, these pencils are a tribute to the homes of Portuguese grandparents.  The scents are delicate and true to name, while the pencils themselves are HB.

These pencils are sold as a bundle of 6 of a single scent as pictured, each scent sold separately.

  • Alfazema – Lavender
  • Figueira -Fig
  • Flor de Laranjeira – Orange Blossom
  • Jasmim – Jasmine
  • Lirio do Campo – Lily of the Valley
  • Peonia – Peony

The brand Viarco was registered in Portugal in 1936, however pencil production in the country dates back to 1907. Along with pencils, Viarco produce the high quality ArtGraf artist products along with various design accessories, we love these at The PaintBox too. 

Our photographs were taken on the first day of the Australian Summer in our rambling shop garden that has been a delight to our community for over 180 years, a balmy fragrant oasis over over an acre. The next time you visit, please take a walk and perhaps do some sketching, its heavenly!

Limited stock of these scented lovelies, but there are more winging their way from Portugal as we speak. 




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