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Discount Gesso Brush Packs from Mont Marte  containing 3 Gesso Brushes offers fantastic value for money. The flat head hog bristle shape is perfect for priming canvas, varnishing and for painting large background areas. Great for Gesso and varnishing and the soft absorbent hog bristles hold paint well, making them great for watercolour washes. The three 3 brushes included are:

1 x Flat 2 with a 33mm ferule

1 x Flat 4 with a 47mm ferule

1 x Flat 6 with a 67mm ferule

Gesso is a must-have for priming a variety of surfaces to prepare them for painting, including canvas, wood, panels and more. Gesso is best applied with a flat, wide gesso brush such as the brushes in these Discount Gesso Brush Packs . To apply, simply dip your paintbrush into the gesso and brush it onto the canvas in smooth motions until the entire canvas is coated evenly. You can also use a fine-grit sandpaper to create a super smooth coat once the gesso is dried.

Gesso is similar to acrylic paint, but is often thinner and dries quite hard, making your surface stiffer and slightly textured so it’s ready to accept paint. Without Gesso, the paint will absorb into the weave of a canvas. Available in white, black and clear, you can also find it in spray, tube or tub forms. We also sell traditional gesso and raw materials to make it.

Many stretched canvases are pre-primed already and ready to paint on, however an additional coat or two of gesso can help stiffen your canvas further and further prevent your paint from absorbing.

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