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Daler-Rowney Calli is a range of seamless, water-resistant calligraphy inks that has long been favoured by artists. Specifically optimised for calligraphy work, Calli ink is one of the most effective choices on the market for both professional and amateur creatives. Colours are brighter and more opaque than dye ink such as Pelikan 4001, but less so than gouache when used with a dip pen. 

Calligraphy requires a delicate touch, and poor-quality ink can rapidly ruin a beautiful piece of work. Created specifically with the artist in mind, Daler-Rowney Calli ink is ideal for calligraphy work as the acrylic-based formula allows for optimal flow from  pens and brushes. 

In addition to exceptional ink flow, each of Daler-Rowney’s acrylic inks are highly pigmented and promise a vibrant and impactful image every time. Allowing artists to create careful and deliberate strokes, Daler-Rowney’s Calli inks are an excellent choice for traditional calligraphy. 

With high permanence and a non-clogging formula, Daler-Rowney ink ensures your artwork is always free from smudging or bleeding. Calligraphers will appreciate the strength and opacity of all Daler-Rowney acrylic inks, with Calli ink proving especially viable for use in illustration and mixed media work. As the Daler-Rowney Calli ink range is fully intermixable, artists can indulge their creativity using a variety of colour combinations.

Though Daler-Rowney ink is marketed to artists, writing purists will also appreciate the depth of colour that Calli ink provides. Whether writers are looking to pen their first novel or wish to elegantly sign a handwritten letter, a Daler-Rowney Calli ink set serves as the perfect indulgence. 

We note that the Australian marketing material provided to retailers states that this ink can be used in all pens. We do not believe that this ink is suitable for use in fountain pens because of the acrylic binder. You should only use fountain pen ink in your fountain pen, please. Suitsble pens and nibs can be found in our separate listings for Speedball and Brause nibs and holders. We have a marvellous range of fountain pen inks, found under’fountain pen inks.’ If in doubt, ask our friendly staff for help and advice.

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Calli Ink – Blue, Calli Ink – Brown, Calli Ink – Burgundy, Calli Ink – Green, Calli Ink – Jet Black India, Calli Ink – Scarlet

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