Inks are one of the most popular and varied mediums. Amongst our Art Supplies we offer an array of different artist inks that can be used for painting, drawing, printing, calligraphy and more. They give intense tone and colour and can be applied with different tools to a variety of surfaces. Ink, unlike watercolour, can be applied to non absorbent papers such as cartridge paper. As with all liquid art materials, there is a risk of the paper buckling as a result of ink being applied to it, so if it is watercolour paper that you are working on, you may consider pre stretching it before work. Line and wash board is smooth paper ideal for ink work, that has been mounted to a sturdy backing board to avoid any buckling.

Many think of a very fluid, intensely colour saturated liquid that is used with a dip pen and brush, made with dyes suspended in a binder such as shellac, but the term ‘ink’ actually covers a widely diverse set of art materials, including fabric printing inks, calligraphy inks, drawing inks and relief inks. So what is the difference between them all and which are the best inks? Our selection includes printing inks, Indian or Chinese inks, acrylic inks made with the finest pigments and special calligraphy inks for fountain or dip pens. Our friendly staff can help you with your selection and advise as to the different properties and formulations.

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