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Sennelier Encre Coloured Drawing Ink combines high-quality colour with excellent light resistance. These rich inks are made with shellac that gives an artist a vibrant colour to work with. These coloured inks are easy to apply and can be used with either a brush or a drawing pen. This medium is ideal for drawing, calligraphy and washes. Sennelier ink dries quickly and has a good water resistance without being indelible. When dry, Sennelier ink has a pleasing satin sheen. Their already excellent light fastness can be improved even further by the use of a protective fixative.

Sennelier Inks are suitable for calligraphy, drawing, and wash. They can be applied with dip pen, reservoir pen or brush. The full range includes 27 colours, plus gold, silver and white. Sennelier inks dry quickly, and have good water resistance, though only the Black Indian Ink is indelible. All have excellent light resistance. This ink comes in a squat 30ml bottle with a pipette lid for dropping and mixing. Please note, Sennelier inks are manufactured with shellac and are not vegan. 

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Bistre 449, Burnt Sienna 211, Carmine 635, Cobalt Blue, Deep Green 803, Gold 03, Grey 701, Indian Ink, Indigo Blue 308, Lemon Yellow 501, Neutral Tint 931, Olive Green 813, Opaque White 01, Orange 641, Prussian Blue 318, Purple 667, Raw Sienna 223, Red Brown 405, Sanguine 270, Scarlet 681, Senegal Yellow 519, Sepia 438, Silver 02, Spring Green 873, Thinner 020, Turquoise Blue 341, Ultramarine Blue 315, Vermilion 674, Violet 901, Walnut Stain 453, Yellow Green 871, Yellow Light 521

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