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Michael Harding V2 Matt Varnish creates a long lasting protective coating with a beautiful matt finish and is made from real bees wax dissolved again in the finest Portugeese turpentine. Before using heat the container until the contents turns clear then apply one thin coat which dries within minutes. Apply this varnish as a final picture varnish to thoroughly dried oil paint.

This V2 Matt Varnish by Michael Harding is made to a Nineteenth-century recipe. It contains Beeswax and Double-rectified Portuguese Turpentine. It should be used as a final varnish over oil colours which have been allowed to dry completely. Please wait at least six months before applying a picture varnish to an oil painting; if the painting is composed of several thick layers of oil paint, it is advisable to wait twelve months before varnishing.

Before using, please heat the jar by immersing it in warm-to-boiling water. In ten minutes or so, the varnish will become completely clear. The jar can then be lifted carefully out of the water, and the varnish applied sparingly to the surface of the painting. It will dry completely to a matt finish within a couple of minutes. It can then be buffed to a satin finish with a dry cloth.

This jar contains 100ml of Matt Varnish. Please note, this product is hazardous and thus cannot be sent by air-mail. 

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