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Langridge Solvent 75 allows us to breathe easy with reduced toxicity, we can now ship solvent to our customers!

Langridge Solvent 75 is the lowest toxicity art solvent available, recommended for a safer studio environment. Solvent 75 is constructed from 100% pure, highly refined, odourless mineral sprits (OMS) with a Permissible Exposure Level of 300 ppm.
With a flashpoint of 75 degrees Celsius (from which the product gets its name) Solvent 75 is not classified as Dangerous Goods and can be legally shipped by air, marine and road transport.

Introduced to replace existing artists’ solvents for use as a diluent and solvent of oil colours, its benefits include:
– Dramatically reduces respiratory exposure to harmful solvents.
– Issues of skin irritation are markedly decreased or removed.
– This product is not classified as Dangerous Goods.
– Can be shipped by air, marine and road transport
– Leaves no residue after evaporation.

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