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Winsor & Newton Artists’ Oil Colour in  large studio sizes are available to order via our warehouse and can be picked up from The PaintBox in Hahndorf.  Fill out the enquiry form below to place an order, payment is by invoice on confirmation. 

Winsor & Newton Artists’ Oil Colour is reputed to be unmatched for its purity, quality and reliability – a success which has been reflected in its world-wide reputation amongst professional artists. Winsor & Newton states that Winsor & Newton Artists’ Oil Colour is individually formulated to enhance each pigment’s natural characteristics and ensure stability of colour. 

At the PaintBox we continue to fill orders for Winsor & Newton Artists’ Oil Colour. We encourage artists to check all product disclosures made by Winsor & Newton regarding the professional use of Winsor & Newton Artists’ Oil Colour, rather than relying on promotional material. 

Winsor & Newton Artists’ Oil Colour is available from our warehouse and online at The PaintBox, home to the widest range of traditional and progressive Art Supplies in Adelaide.  At The PaintBox we source and stock quality Art Supplies which we import directly. This means that you have access to a greater variety and pay less. These are perfect for any artists from amateur to professional. It is also perfect for any budget size. Check out our loyalty rewards programme, which makes your artistic ambitions achievable. At these prices why not give these a go. Be sure to check out our other fabulous finds on our website and start saving today. Our knowledgeable staff at The PaintBox can guide you through our carefully selected ranges of Art Supplies for all applications. This is only a small selection of our stock. We sell many brands, weights, and textures, in-store only. Please call 08 8388 7776 to enquire. We offer art tuition too! WINSOR & NEWTON – ARTISTS OIL COLOURSCAN BE DELIVERED ANYWHERE WITHIN AUSTRALIA OR NEW ZEALAND



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Alizarin Crimson, Bright Red, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Cobalt Blue, Davy's Gray, French Ultramarine, Gold, Indian Yellow, Indigo, Ivory Black, Manganese Blue Hue, Olive Green, Payne's Gray, Permanent Rose, Phthalo Turquoise, Prussian Blue, Raw Sienna, Raw Umber, Renaissance Gold, Sap Green, Silver, Terre Verte, Titanium White, Winsor Lemon, Winsor Violet Dioxazine, Winsor Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Yellow Ochre Pale, Zinc White


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