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Daniel Smith 238 Dot Hand Painted Watercolour Paint Charts are for you if you love taking a paint brush to a new colour, painting out a stroke, watching the colour flow across your paper and experiencing the joy of a beautiful new watercolour, then this 238 Watercolour Dot Chart is ideal for you.

This watercolour dot chart allows you to sample and experience almost every colour in the Daniel Smith watercolour line. Provided on high quality watercolour paper, this 238 Watercolour Dot Chart includes the painting properties for every colour with a paintable dot you can try out for yourself.

With this colour chart it is possible to create your own personal reference book complete with notes, colour combinations and tips and tricks for each colour. Simply dip your brush into water, then onto the watercolour dot on the stapled reference rectangle.Paint onto sheets of watercolour paper or pages in a watercolour journal, staple each reference rectangle onto a page.Be sure to preserve the information (watercolour name, series number, sku number, and colour information) printed on the paper for each colour.

Contents Includes:
238 x Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolour Dots

140 x Extra Fine Colour Dots
48 x Luminescent Dots

20 x Iridescent
19 x Duochrome
7 x Interference
2 x Pearlescent

31 x PrimaTek Colour Dots
12 x Quinacridone Colour Dots
6 x Cadmium Hues Colour Dots
5 x Mayan Colour Dots


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