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A selection of primary, secondary and black & white for mixing tints and shades. All colours can be mixed to create intermediate colours.

PanPastels are the softest pastels in the world uniquely packaged to keep your colours pure and protected. They have been specifically developed so the artist can lift, apply and manipulate colour utilising a broader range of techniques. Loaded with the highest quality artists’ pigments each colour is uniquely manufactured to give a rich, ultra-soft, low dust formulation. Express yourself in new ways with PanPastel.

PanPastel and traditional soft pastel sticks create very different marks. Compared to sticks, PanPastel Colours are semi-transparent, mixable and low dust and glide across the surface. They are also a quicker and cleaner way to achieve more uniform coverage for large blocks of colour especially when combined with the versatile tool applicator range.

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