Painting with soft pastel is the closest thing to painting with pure pigment. Pastel colour glides onto the surface and can be blended and modified with your finger or a tool such as a colour shaper.

Pan Pastels offer a cleaner method of pastel painting. The soft pastel colour is contained in pans ready to be applied to a surface with your finger, a brush or the special PanPastel applicator.

Hard pastels allow for clean crisp lines. They may not blend as easily as soft pastels, but they offer great opportunity for dramatic, bold marks. Perfect for quick dynamic drawing.

Pastel pencils are wood encased sticks of soft pastel. They are ideal for adding fine detail to soft pastel paintings. They are also a cleaner alternative to working with regular soft pastels.

Oil Pastels has great potential for a wide variety of mark making, from heating up to build up colour in thick layers to diluting with solvent. Oil pastels are part painting medium, part drawing medium.

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