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Cretacolor silverpoint pencils are a traditional Silver Point Pencil which can be used for creating exceptionally fine lines in chalk and pastel drawings. Also suitable for scratching work when working with Oil Pastels.

The traditional use has been for Silverpoint Drawings which have been described as elegant, delicate and precise. They display, the hand of the artist and are more completely archival than any other medium. Silverpoint drawings from the late Medieval and Renaissance periods have survived without damage due to the inertness and permanence of this medium. Many of Leonardo DaVinci’s early drawings were completed in this traditional medium.

Silverpoint drawings have a light and uniform quality, tarnishing from a cool grey to a warm reddish-brown over time.
The pencil features a 10mm long x 1.5mm diameter pure silver (softer than sterling silver) point set into a 175mm long black lacquered handle.

Silverpoint is best used on a gesso-coated 300gsm, or preferably 640gsm, hot -pressed watercolour paper or gesso-covered cardboard.

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