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Incense Grade.

The Art Conservators grade is used for colouring spirit varnishes ruby red, also used to colour marble, it provides a modestly lightfast colour. Used in photoengraving and can be used for tinting shellac varnish applied over metal or aluminium leaf for a warm transparent finish.

This product is incense grade which is different and more affordable grade than Art conservators material.

Incense resins are the original incense. The practice of burning resins which are simply solid fragrant resin harvested from various trees  is thousands of years old. Burning resins was (and still is) an important part of religious and spiritual rituals and celebrations in many different cultures all around the world. Incense resins are burned on charcoal tablets. We recommend burning charcoal tablets on a bed of sand in a heatproof bowl.

It is made from a natural resin base blended with natural essential oils and other aromatic plant-based ingredients. This product is not pure natural dragons blood resin. The purchase price buys 60g of resin packaged in a tin. The tin is 7.5cm across and 3cm high. It has a window lid and is very convenient for storage. As this product is packaged by weight the tins won’t be completely full. The size of the resin pieces varies a lot, the largest being roughly 1cm and the smallest being only 1-2mm.


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