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Gum Sandarac is a natural resin used in art restoration.  It is usually available as smallish clear or opaque lumps or tears and has a light pale yellowish colour.   It is the resin derived from the coniferous tree Tetraclinis articulatam  found in Morroco and other parts of North West Africa.   

Sandarac is regarded as one of the harder natural resins although not as hard as some.  It is brittle and its properties make it suitable as a component of varnishes and lacquers that require clarity, gloss and hardness.

Gum Sandarac is soluble in alcohol and spirits including methylated spirits. It is also soluble in acetone, ether, and other solvents.  It is not soluble in water.

Sandarac has a pleasant light, fruity, balsamic, frankincense-like fragrance heated and is regarded by some as having mystic properties.  Gum Sandarac is known in parts of the Middle East as Gold (hence Gold, Frankinsence and Myrhh)

Sandarac softens between 100C and 130C and  melts between 135C and 150C.   Its melting point range makes it suitable for mixing with other resins. 

Sandarac has a number of uses which may include: 

  • ·        a constituent of clear varnishes and polishes.
  • ·        a constituent of spirit based polished including French polish.
  • ·        a constituent of oil based varnishes.
  • ·        As a size for paper and vellums
  • ·        an incense


Buyers can note with confidence that this Sandarac is a first grade and high quality product and is unadultered with rosin or other resins.

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