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Welcome to the Dark & Whimsical family with this 8 pan professional quality watercolour set, carefully curated and crafted by professional artists. Handmade with quality, fine art pigments in a wooden, slide top box.

Dark &Whimsical Handmade Eco-Friendly Professional Watercolours are a staff favourite at The PaintBox! Dark &Whimsical pigments are carefully hand mulled and tested for over two hours to ensure a rich, dense paint that is both creamy and opaque. Every drop of paint is made by hand and contains no harmful chemicals. The paints are of a professional quality and have a high light fastness rating across the range.

Ecologically friendly and fully recyclable! Dark &Whimsical studios have put their process through months of trials and research to ensure we have the most environmentally friendly watercolour paints on the market. Dark &Whimsical paints are hand crafted using our own blend of pigments and binder, which has no harmful chemicals or pollutants. This is safe not only for use by anyone without fear of skin contact, but also safe to disperse in the waterways.


Lightfast: All Dark &Whimsical paints have gone through months of tests to ensure a high level of light fastness in each and every pigment we produce.

Bigger than the rest: Dark &Whimsical pans are 2.8x larger than the standard full pan size, giving more paint for the same price as other professional watercolours on the market. After much research on the topic of pans, we settled on these ones made of fully recyclable aluminium. Not only are they fully recyclable, they actually contain two and a half times a standard full pan.  

Dark &Whimsical palette boxes are made from sustainably sourced woods that are fully recyclable and compostable. Even the glue holding the pieces together is a ph neutral archival glue that is non-harmful to the environment. These beautiful boxes are sealed using natural oils that not only protect the wood to make it longer lasting, but also waterproof the wood. These oils are also completely safe, food grade sealers.  All of our paper used from the 300gsm cold pressed swatch card, to this information card, and even the wrap, are all recycled and recyclable paper.

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