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Langridge Professional Oil Colour, handmade in Australia is a premium, professional artists’ oil paint. Colours are intensely bright and clean, producing wonderful colour mixes. The range has been developed to excel in saturation and physical handling properties.

The range is based entirely on contemporary colours of the 21st Century and also to reflect the intense colours and light of Australia. The resulting range of paints is pure and concentrated with the fullest chromatic strength, intense tinting power for clean, brilliant colour-mixing. Inspired by the intense colour and light of Australia, this range of contemporary colours is directly inspired by the modern world.

Langridge Professional Oil Colour, handmade from of pigment and linseed or safflower oil is void of modifiers, opacifiers, fillers and other unwanted adulterants all of which interfere with the integrity of the paint – its brightness, clarity & archival quality. Built without compromise, all Langridge professional oil colour is made without opacifiers, fillers or anything that might otherwise interfere with the clarity and true brightness of the paint. 

Because the colours are adulterant free colours can feel & behave quite differently from one another in that the true individual nature of each pigment has not been masked. Some colours will be soft, buttery & brush out easily while others are stiffer, sticky or clotted. This makes Langridge Professional Oil Colour a very unique oil paint.

Langridge Professional Oil Colour is made by triple-roll mill in small batches, which allows the Langridge Colourmen to maintain total control throughout production. Multiple passes of the paint through the mill creates a paint with the strongest ‘colour development’ possible. The resulting colours re highly intense enabling artists to extend the paint, if desired, and to facilitate exceptional clean mixes when blended together.

Popular colours include – Arylide Yellow, Nickel Azo Gold (tumeric like), Nickel Azo Red Gold (fabulous for Australian landscapes) Quinacridone Magenta (high lightfastness), Phthalo Blue and the Ultramarine Blue is especially beautiful.

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Arylide Lemon – S2, Arylide Yellow – S2, Azo Orange – S4, Bismuth Vanadate Yellow – S3 – NEW, Brilliant Blue – S2, Brilliant Green – S2, Brilliant Magenta- S2, Brilliant Pink – S3, Brilliant Yellow – S1, Burnt Sienna – S2, Burnt Umber – S2, Cadmium Green – S5, Cadmium Orange – S5, Cadmium Red – S6, Cadmium Red Deep – S6 – NEW, Cadmium Red Light – S6, Cadmium Yellow – S5, Cadmium Yellow Deep – S5, Caput Mortuum – S1, CARBON BLACK – S1, Cerulean Blue – S6, Chromium Oxide Green – S3, Cobalt Blue – S6, Cobalt Teal – S6, Cold Brown Oxide – S1, Diarylide Yellow – S2, Dioxazine Violet – S4, Gold Oxide – S1, GREEN GOLD – S3, Indanthrone Blue – S6, Kings Blue – S2 – NEW, Lithopone White – S1 – NEW, Manganese Black – S1, Manganese Violet – S5, MARS BLACK – S1, MARS BROWN – S1, Mars Orange – S1, Naphthol Red – S3, Naphthol Red Deep – S3, Neon Green – S2 – NEW, Neon Magenta – S2 – NEW, Neon Orange – S3, Neon Violet – S5 – NEW, Nickel Azo Red Gold – S4, Nickel Azo Yellow – S4, Paliotan Lemon – S4, Payne's Grey – S1, Perylene Crimson – S6, Phthalo Blue (GS) – S3, Phthalo Blue (RS) – S3, Phthalo Green (BS) – S3, Phthalo Green (YS) – S3, PRUSSIAN BLUE – S2, Pyrrole Orange – S6, Pyrrole Red – S4, Quinacridone Burnt Orange – S4, Quinacridone Crimson – S4, Quinacridone Magenta – S4, Quinacridone Red – S4, Quinacridone Violet- S6, Raw Sienna – S2, Raw Umber – S2, Red Oxide – S1, Terre Verte- S2 – NEW, Tinting White – S1, Titanate Yellow – S2, Titanium Grey – S1, Titanium Orange – S5 – NEW, TITANIUM WHITE – S1, Transparent Red Oxide – S3, Transparent Yellow Oxide – S3, Turquoise Phthalo – S3, Ultramarine Blue – S2, Ultramarine Violet – S2, Unbleached Titanium – S1, Video Blue – S2, Video Green – S2, Yellow Ochre – S2, Yellow Oxide – S1, Zinc White – S1

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